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No More Contention is the pursuit of clarity, charity and understanding. Contention arises from the compulsion to have others agree with us. Seeking understanding in an environment of clarity and charity produces no more contention. As Joseph Smith said, "I will ask no man to believe as I do."

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In a sense, contention is inevitable and unavoidable because every individual is unique, and no two people agree on everything.  Ideally, we...

Monday, August 28, 2023

Friends: Scalia and Ginsburg

Most lawyers I know naturally separate personal relationships from the cases they handle. Maybe that's unusual, but there's no reason why non-lawyers can't take the same approach.

Justices Scalia and Ginsburg exemplified the process of clarity, charity, and understanding. 

In this interview, they discuss some of their differences of opinion, but they emphasized that they were good friends. Differences of opinion are not a legitimate basis for disrupting a friendship or working together toward a common purpose. 

1:05:07 I have never gotten angry at Ruth or any of my colleagues because of the way they voted in an opinion. I mean, if you cannot disagree with your colleagues on the law without taking it personally, you ought to get another day job. It's just not the kind of a job that will allow you to behave that way.

So Ruth and I disagree on the law all the time but it's never had anything to do with our with our friendship.

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