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"I will ask no man to believe as I do." Joseph Smith

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Three broad categories

In a sense, contention is inevitable and unavoidable because every individual is unique, and no two people agree on everything.  Ideally, we...

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

The first verse of the Book of Mormon?

If Joseph had published the Book of Mormon in the order in which he translated it, the first verse would have been what is now known as Mosiah 1:1.

And now there was no more contention in all the land of Zarahemla, among all the people who belonged to king Benjamin, so that king Benjamin had continual peace all the remainder of his days.

(Mosiah 1:1)

Imagine this as the very first verse people read when they pick up the Book of Mormon.

This verse foreshadows the ultimate purpose of the Book of Mormon, to eliminate contention among all people everywhere by bringing people to Christ and educating and motivating them to enter covenants with God to have continual peace.

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Elder Soares on X


I can assure you that the light of a new day shines brighter in our lives when we see and treat our fellow beings with respect and dignity and as true brothers and sisters in Christ.

Elder Bednar on World Interfaith Harmony Week

During this World Interfaith Harmony Week, I invite each of us to engage in acts of learning and service, bridging gaps of understanding between different traditions and worldviews. Seek opportunities to listen, learn, and extend your love.